PHOTO CAPTION: GE is taking delivery of 2012 Chevrolet Volts.

GE Keeps Its Promise, Begins Delivering Volts to Employees

General Electric sends out employee memo to employees who will be getting Chevrolet Volts

Published: 19-Feb-2012

Sixteen months ago, General Electric announced it would place the "largest order in history" for electric cars, to be used by its employees who are issued company cars.

Now, those cars are starting to arrive and be placed with employees.

And where changes are made, personnel policies are sure to follow.


Established in 1998, 45,000 GEM cars have been sold globally.

Neighborhood electric vehicle manufacturer sold $30 million worth of units in 2010.

German-E Car Stromos is EV conversion based on Suzuki Splash.

Merkel government wants to see 1 million electric cars on German roads by 2020.

Chancellor Angela Merkel with smart electric car.

The German government will double its funding to provide €2 billion ($2.83 billion) by 2013.


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