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LEMev Stream Electric Scooter Pays For Itself in Six Years

Driving the LEMev Stream electric scooter 9,000 miles annually will save nearly 700 Euros annually compared to 125cc gas scooter.

Published: 19-Feb-2012

LEMev STREAM is the name of the electric scooter recently launched on to the market and the first electric vehicle 100% “made in Euskadi”. The project, led by the LUMA company, arose 5 years ago in 2007, and it is a reality today thanks to the collaboration of companies such as Inmotec (Navarre) and Dhemen Desing in the neighbouring Basque province of Gipuzkoa, together with the support of the CDTI (at the Ministry of Industry), SPRI (the Industrial Development Authority of the Basque Government) and the Gipuzkoa Provincial Government.

LEMev Stream is an electric vehicle equivalent to a 125 cc scooter - valid to ride with a car driving licence - and aimed at users who drive an average of 20-50 km/day a day. It is a vehicle with ecological awareness and, moreover, seeks optimum economy in its investment. The first models are already on sale in the Basque city of Donostia-San Sebastián, at the Factory Racing showroom in the city’s Avenida Zumalakarregi, 1. They will shortly be available at SS Motos and, over this month, other concessionaries in cities like Pamplona, Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza will market this novel vehicle.

The STREAM works out free after 6 years of use

The comparison with similar performance, petrol-driven scooters is inevitable. Considering the cost of a kW-h being 0.14 € and recharging batteries every 80 km, the overall electric running cost comes out at 0.63 € per 100 km, whereas a 125 cc scooter consuming 4 litres of petrol per 100 km and at 1.4 €/litre, will consume 5.6 € per 100 km. to this the cost of maintenance of petrol-driven vehicles – about 125 € every 5,000 km must be added. It should be remembered that the LEMev Stream is maintenance-free, the cost of items prone to wear and tear (tyres, brakes, etc.) of about 100 € every 5,000 km is common to both. Given all this, and doing 9,000 km a year, the net savings offered by the LEMev Stream is 672,30 € annually, meaning that the vehicle works out free after just 6½ years, with the Plan Movele price. It is clear that ecology, if it is with the LEMev STREAM scooter, has its advantages.

The regular sale price is 5,350€ (including VAT) which drops to 4,216€ with the subsidy of 25% from the Ministry of Industry’s Plan Movele.

Top-class performance

Another novelty provide by this model is its double access to the storage box (trunk), by means of a hatchback and the seat - making it the only electric scooter on the market worldwide to offer storage for two full face helmets with access from both the hatchback and the seat. Under the front part of this access there is a tray with a lead for the recharging of the batteries by connecting to the electric grid (it automatically pops out on pressing a button), a current socket for special charging which charges up the batteries in just two hours, and an RS-232 connector for diagnosis and configuration with a computer.

As regards the controls, the STREAM provides the regular ones for scooters, with two special additional ones: the “Boost” button on the right-hand grip (instead of the starter button) is a kind of “Turbo” which provides maximum power from the electric motor (22 CV) in order to increase acceleration in special situations; the intensive use of this function considerably reduce the battery life of the scooter. On the left-hand grip there is a thumb-operated “regenerative” brake handle, providing smoother braking than with disc brakes, with the novelty that the braking energy thus created is reused to charge the battery.

Performance-wise, the LEMev Stream compares well to petrol-powered 125 cc scooters – it has a maximum speed of 108 km/h and acceleration comparable to that of a 500 cc scooter. This acceleration is achieved by pressing the above-mentioned “Boost” button, although this will directly affect the electric energy consumption and, thus, the battery life of the vehicle. If this button is not used, the STREAM function in economy mode and the battery life can reach 80 kilometres.

The type of battery employed is lithium with iron phosphate (LiFePO4), a variant on the lithium ion battery, without the memory effects of the traditional batteries on recharging; these batteries are practically for life, as their useful life is 2,000 charging cycles or 160,000 km. The electric motor, without the dynamo brushes and with 22 CV maximum power, is found inside the back wheel, thus saving interior space for the scooter and eliminating transmissions which could cause power losses.

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