PHOTO CAPTION: M55 Royal Model goes for a cool $38,500.

M55 Offers 'High End' Electric Bikes

Budapest-based luxury e-bike maker will offer 275 limited edition Terminus electric bicycles, starting at the equivalent of more than $35,000US.

Published: 17-Feb-2012

M55 has launched a limited edition collection of hybrid electric bicycles that are eco-friendly and luxurious at the same time. This Haute Toy is perfect for anyone who likes to stay stylish while remaining environmentally- and health-conscious.

Based in Budapest, M55 has launched the limited edition M55 Terminus, a sleek, eco-friendly and luxurious bike featuring an aluminum frame base and an electric motor that can be turned on and off as the rider likes.

An e-bike is a special type of bike that uses electric power to support human power. Hybrid bikes are a subgroup of e-bikes that use electricity as well, but it only works when the person riding is pedaling, supporting the human effort, so the experience is not ruined but “made easier, faster and more fun.”


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