New Zealand Group Surveys National Interest in EVs

The survey offers a unique opportunity for Kiwis to have their say on the future for electric vehicles.

Published: 14-Feb-2012

The Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV) has launched a research project to gauge whether New Zealanders see electric cars as part of the country's future commitment to a green, low carbon environment and economy.

Although New Zealand is committed to reducing emissions especially in road transport, there has been no decrease as the country's fleet continues to be dominated by growing numbers of petrol and diesel vehicles that rely on vast amounts of imported fossil fuels which have increased 22 per cent to nearly $8 billion in the last year alone.

APEV Executive Director Rob McEwen says the milestone survey will seek to identify how receptive New Zealander's are to having electric vehicles as one solution to boosting our competitive advantage resulting from less reliance imported fossil fuels.



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