Price of More Concern Than Range for Would-be Electric Car Buyers

Online survey finds initial price of electric vehicle concerns buyers more than range.

Published: 14-Feb-2012

Rightfully so, range is not as much an issue as consumers are constantly led to believe when it comes to electric vehicles, EV. The over cheap PR gimmick of “range anxiety” has bitten the proverbial behind of those companies caught unprepared. In a recent poll, found people were more concerned over the initial price of an EV than its range. Would we expect less given this economic downturn?

All About Price, Price, And Price. All in all, the number one reason for 74.3% of the people surveyed was the concern over the purchase cost of an electric car, as should be expected. It was followed by only 38.1% who preferred not to buy one due feeling the range would not be adequate. This means again, the so-called “range anxiety” is mostly in carmaker’s minds more than consumers.

Range, Sweet Range. The poll revealed an interesting fact that the acceptable range for a pure electric car would be a reasonable 100 to 200 miles. This makes sense considering 80% of the daily commute in the US is less than 40 miles, something almost any electric cars deliver today. So far three of them currently deliver range between 60 to 100 miles. More interestingly, only 40% wanted to see a 200 and 300 mile range, which seems more of a hopeful wishing than actual current daily need. Yet, it remains that the 100 to 300 mile barrier is the sweet spot to beat. The race is on, as Tesla Motors is leading the way.


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