PHOTO CAPTION: Reva electric car

Why Bhutan Should Promote Electric Cars

Electric cars like the Reva, built in India, are some 12 times more economical than gasoline cars.

Published: 13-Feb-2012

The future of cars is electric. There is no doubt about it. Unlike the earlier generations of electric cars, a new generation of nice looking, affordable, high-performance electric cars are entering the market worldwide. Governments and municipal authorities in many countries are speeding up this trend with various incentives and programs. It is surely time for Bhutan to follow suit. Presently, besides sales tax and customs duty exemption, Bhutan does not have any long-term electric vehicle policy.

According to a study by the University of California, Berkeley, “Depending on the future price of oil and the relative purchase price of internal combustion engine vehicles, electric cars are predicted to account for 64-86% of new light-vehicle sales by 2030 (in the US)”. In Bhutan, the percentage could be even higher if the government policy is made more favourable.

Here are compelling reasons why Bhutan should promote electric vehicles:



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