Chrysler CEO Marchionne Confirms Electric Fiat 500 Production

2013 Fiat 500 is expected have equivalent of 100 hp electric motor with 80-100 miles of 'real-world' range.

Published: 13-Feb-2012

Since its pre-bankruptcy days, Chrysler has promised the launch of an electric vehicle—including the audacious Dodge Circuit sports EV, an electric minivan, and plug-in pickup. But so far nothing production-ready has emerged. Ever since the unveiling of the Fiat 500 Elettra concept at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, we've been waiting for official confirmation that the electric hatchback would become a reality. Now, we've stumbled across a tweet that confirms its 2012 launch.

On February 4, Sergio Marchionne, Chrysler's chief executive officer, confirmed that the US automaker is developing an electric Fiat 500. For the record, Marchionne tweeted:

"At Chrysler, we are working on an electric version of the Fiat 500 that we’ll begin manufacturing later this year."


Fiat 500 EV

Fiat-Chrysler will launch sales of Fiat 500 electric car in United States starting in 2012.

Libya rebels pushing Gadhafi's custom Fiat 500 electric car.

Deposed Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi wanted to mass produce the electric car.

Fiat Multipla Hybrid system that the company abandoned in the 1990s.

Italy's environment minister Corrado Clini says Fiat management abandoned promising hybrid technology and ignored chance to supply electric components.


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