PHOTO CAPTION: Fisker Karma was built with private venture capital.

Fisker Is Not Solyndra... Just Yet.

Peter Valdes-Dapena and Steve Hargreaves look at the circumstances surrounding DoE loans to Fisker Automotive.

Published: 13-Feb-2012

NEW YORK -- When Fisker Automotive announced it was laying off about two dozen workers at its Delaware factory, comparisons arose to Solyndra, the solar cell manufacturer that went bankrupt despite billions of dollars in U.S. government help.

Yes, the California based electric car maker and Solyndra both got a lot of government assistance, but analysts say those comparisons are unfair and premature.

The DOE had agreed to lend Fisker $529 million, and the carmaker had gotten $193 million of that before funding was cut off in May.


Fisker will begin deliveries Spring 2011.

British publication gets chance to take pre-production prototype for test drive.

Fisker Karma to go on sale March 21, 2011.

Jason Mick provides brief on plug-in hybrid maker Fisker.

Fisker plans to start deliveries in April 2011.

The California-based automaker expects to deliver 7,000 Fisker Karma sedans in 2011.


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