PHOTO CAPTION: Computer rendering of Code-name 'Bison' light duty pickup designed by Motive Industries of Canada.

The Coming Age of Composite Hybrid Light Trucks

Besides its composite-body panels, the Motive Industries-designed 'Bison' light duty pickup could be powered by either hybrid or electric hybrid power train.

Published: 07-Feb-2012

Motive Industries, a global design company in Canada, has a new idea for a completely composite-body midsize pickup truck.

Internally code-named Bison, the design truck is meant to be a showcase for potential clients that might be interested in a design that lends itself to hybrid powertrains, battery storage capability or other future-tech modes of transport. This concept is a shell designed to show Motive's ability to develop a unique pickup design to work with the next and best industry powertrains, renewable fuels or emerging materials and technologies. Starting with a ground-up design, the engineering involved to package the batteries and powertrain isn't compromised by any pre-existing chassis.

The Bison boasts a bed size that's 75 inches long, 52 inches wide and 21.5 inches tall, closer in cargo dimensions to the much-larger full-size short bed. Motive says the ground clearance of the design is 9.5 inches, but that would likely vary depending on what powertrain or suspension package a manufacturer prefers.



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