Build Your Own Electric Car For Half the Price of Nissan LEAF

Professor Paul Pancella converts his 1992 Honda Civic for $17,000.

Published: 07-Feb-2012

Very few people can claim to drive a unique vehicle these days. Professor Paul Pancella can, however, with his electrified 1992 Honda Civic.

On Jan. 27, Pancella, in conjunction with the Math Club (Pi Mu Epsilon), gave a talk chronicling his project to create “Hondatron.”

Commonly seen around campus, from a distance it’s simply an early model white hatchback with a black hood. Professor Pancella converted his old Civic after the car had racked up enough miles to ruin the engine (over 200,000 miles). After convincing his wife, Pancella began the transformation from old consumable to high tech and handmade. Pancella describes the beginning of the transformation as fairly simple, at least in the beginning.


Honda Accord plug-in hybrid demonstrator.

New system set to debut in 2012 will incorporate two electric motors and lithium-ion batteries.

Honda Fit EV

Company aiming to launch production in China in 2012.

18 Honda neo electric scooters will be used in Barcelona demonstration program.

Rapid charger on neo electric scooter can recharge the battery in 30-minutes.


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