PHOTO CAPTION: Studebaker Lark concept could be powered by diesel hybrid or all electric drive

Studebaker Plans Resurgence That Includes Hybrid, Electric Models

Revived company would aim for an initial sales target of 20,000 units annually with power train options that include fuel efficient gas engine, hybrid and electric.

Published: 06-Feb-2012

The boss of the dormant Studebaker Motor Company has laid out a six-step plan to revive the US manufacturer and build a full range of vehicles for the 21st and 22nd centuries.

Studebaker president and CEO RW Reed explains the initial phase of the company’s return is to introduce a range of petrol and electric scooters, starting off with small-engined models and progressing with more powerful versions in the future. Reed says a number of successful manufacturers – including BMW, Honda and Suzuki – have proved the potential of this business case in the past.

The next step will be re-introducing the brand’s small car, the Studebaker Lark. Reed says the Lark must be a well-priced compact sedan powered by a fuel-efficient petrol engine, a diesel-hybrid powertrain or a fully electric drive system. The company plans to build its vehicles in the US, and is hopeful of resuming production in Detroit or at South Bend – two of its previous assembly sites.



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