PHOTO CAPTION: Better Place uses Renault Fluence ZE electric cars with swappable battery pack.

Software Glitch Sends Better Place Cars Back to Garage

Warning light comes on once cars done charging, but turns off once car restarted.

Published: 06-Feb-2012

Dozens of Renault Fluence electric vehicles distributed to Better Place employees in a formal ceremony just two weeks ago were sent last week to the Renault repair shop.

Calcalist has learned that in some of the vehicles a warning signal would come on after the car was disconnected from the charging station. Better Place employees who drove the cars said the signal turned off upon ignition.

Better Place said in response, "We are in the pre-launch stage and the move was done in accordance with the international manufacturer's instructions to enable the company to learn about the vehicle and further inspect it.


Renault Twizy electric urban vehicle.

Hertz plans to add 500 units of the Renault range to its fleet over the next two years.

Renault Fluence pulls into Quick Drop battery station in this computer illustration.

Consortium to research how to make it easier for European automobile and battery manufacturers to build electric cars with switchable batteries.

Renault Twizy ZE said to be priced at $9,700.

Battery will be leased at equivalent to UD$62 a month.


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