Hybrids Sales Lagging, Blame Buyers?

Cars like Hyundai Sonata get almost as good fuel economy as the more expensive Prius.

Published: 06-Feb-2012

Last week, the world’s automakers put on displays of fuel efficiency during the public policy days of the Washington Auto Show as bureaucrats of every description toured the show, huffing, puffing and pontificating over public policy as it applies to automobiles.

The show has become a magnet for automakers since the EPA raised the corporate average fuel economy. The new mandate, a lofty 54.5 mpg for the 2025 model year, sounds like a good idea.

But what happens when buyers hit the showroom is a different story altogether. There’s a reason for this, something politicians don’t understand.


Dodge Durango Hybrid program was cancelled in late 2008.

After taking $48 million in taxpayer funds, Chrysler says it has no plans to build a hybrid truck... but a plug-in isn't out of the question

Camry Hybrid costs $889 more than non-hybrid model.

Michael Sanibel from Investopedia provides analysis based on Toyota Camry showing 1.7 year pay back.

MKZ Hybrid priced at $34,605.

One in five MKZ buyers are opting to go with the 41 mpg (city) Hybrid, which is priced the same as the non-hybrid version.


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