PHOTO CAPTION: Boulder Electric Vehicle delivery truck

Boulder EV Delivers First Electric Truck

Developed by team that includes creator of the Killacycle, the 21-foot delivery trucks costs US$70,000, but can cost as little as 7¢ a mile to operate.

Published: 05-Feb-2012

P> Colorado-based electric vehicle manufacturer Boulder Electric Vehicle recently delivered a truck to its very first paying customer—a local plumbing company. The truck, named the DV 500, is an electric delivery truck that the company has had in development for 18 months.

Boulder’s truck is not cheap, coming in at about $70,000, but the company says one of their models only costs seven cents a mile to operate. Taking into account maintenance, fuel costs and vehicle life, that could save a business owner about $5,000 to $8,000 dollars per year, per truck.

So just what will a Boulder customer get for the money? The Boulder is powered by a lithium-ion phosphate battery that spins an AC motor. That combo provides customers with a top speed of 65 mph and the choice of a truck capable of 40, 80 or 100 miles of range, depending on battery selection.


eHighway illustration along So Cal's I-710.

eHighway would utilize pantagraph to provide electric power to trucks along heavily travel freeways in LA basin.


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