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Europeans See Important Role for Light Electric Vehicles

Powered Two-Wheeler Industry Association conference discusses future impact of LEVs in reducing impact of automobiles.

Published: 02-Feb-2012

BRUSSELS, Belgium - During last week’s conference of the Powered Two-Wheeler Industry Association, ACEM, in Brussels the European industry underlined the important role that ‘L-category’ (Light Electric Vehicles) can and will play in tackling congestion and reducing carbon intensity in urban traffic.

To an audience of ‘euro-politicians’ and other key players in shaping the future of mobility, ACEM president Von Kuenheim drew a sombre picture of the current situation in the Powered Two-Wheeler (PTW) industry, but ended on a positive note; stating that the unique know-how in developing and producing small, light and specialized vehicles will prove useful for sustainable mobility.

Depressing sales figures
To start with the ‘bad news’ ACEM (and BMW Motorrad) president Hendrik von Kuenheim gave some depressing figures of recent developments in the PTW industry. “If you look at the last ten years registrations culminated in 2007 at 2.7 million units. Last year – four years into a dire economic crisis, the PTW sector achieved its lowest result with 1.7 million units. One million less. In 2011 there was a renewed decline of 9% after the already deep fall in 2008, to 1.9 million.”
The most recent sales and delivery numbers can be found at:


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