How Gov't Stimulus Revived the Electric Car

How the U.S. federal and state grants and loans helped revive the fortunes of the electric car.

Published: 02-Feb-2012

A common criticism of President Obama's $800 billion stimulus package has been that it failed to produce anything – that while the New Deal built bridges and dams, all the stimulus did was fill some potholes and create temporary jobs.

Don't tell that to Annette Herrera. She was 50 when the auto supplier she worked for in Westland, Mich., closed its factory and moved the work to Mexico. Then, after being unemployed for 2½ years, she got a job in October 2010 with A123 Systems, which had received $250 million in stimulus money to help open a new lithium-ion battery plant in nearby Romulus, Mich.

"The first thing I did was call my husband and tell him, 'You're never going to guess! I got a job!'" Herrera recalled. "And then it was like celebration time."


Think City Type N1 electric vehicle

THINK City N1 carries goods up to a maximum 237 kilograms and 700-litres in volume, and will be followed by Compact van with 900 litres capacity.

Think city electric car now also being assembled in Indiana.

Latest recall involved improperly adjusted linkage between gear shift selector and transmission park mechanism.

THINK City is designed to be nimble city commuter.

Erika Smith drives Think City electric car for a day to see which is more important: saving money or exciting performance.


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