Xiamen to Require Electric Moped Licensing

Starting March 1, 2012, all electric mopeds must display license plates and riders carry license, both of which will be valid for five years.

Published: 02-Feb-2012

Xiamen will launch license registration for electric bicycles in the city from 1st March, reports Xiamen Economic Daily.

According to relevant Xiamen traffic control departments, electric bicycle drivers will be required to install the license plates on their bikes and take their driving license with them before driving on the road in the city by that time. Both license plate and driving license will be valid for 5 years once being issued.

Meanwhile, electric bicycles are banned from most busy roads in Siming District including Wenping Road, Wenzeng Road, Wenyuan Road, Siming Nan Road, Siming Bei Road and Lujiang Avenue.


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