Ten Reasons Electric Cars Are Stranded on the 'Bleeding Edge'

Uber-EV-critic John Peterson continues his relentless assault on electric vehicles, apparently assuming the status quo will last forever.

Published: 31-Jan-2012

The first thing every securities lawyer learns is that technology is a two edged sword. On the leading edge, developers of cheap innovations that ramp rapidly over a few years build thriving businesses that deliver market beating returns for investors. On the bleeding edge, developers of expensive technologies that can't be implemented at relevant scale for years morph into financial black holes that suck the lifeblood out of portfolios and teach a new generation of investors about an insidious market phenomenon the Gartner Group refers to as the hype cycle.

The second thing every securities lawyer learns is that business risks are cumulative, and a lot like a leaky roof – unless you can locate and patch every hole, the ceiling will end up in your lap.

Hope is a timeless virtue, but it's a horrible investment strategy.


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