PHOTO CAPTION: Tomberlin Anvil is classified as a NEV.

Pennsylvania Senate Passes NEV Bill

SB52 still needs to be voted on by House, but if passed and signed into law it will allow low speed electric vehicles to operate on Commonwealth streets.

Published: 31-Jan-2012

The Pennsylvania Senate passed a bill sponsored by Senator Stewart Greenleaf that would allow the operation of low speed electric vehicles on certain roadways in the Commonwealth.

A low speed electric vehicle, also referred to as Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV), is defined by the National Highway Safety Administration as any four-wheeled electric vehicle whose top speed is greater than 20 miles per hour but not greater than 25 miles per hour.

While these electric vehicles must meet specific federal safety standards, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has determined that they cannot be legally driven on state roadways since they fail to meet state safety inspection requirements for a passenger vehicle.


Beijing Police Officer patrols in NEV. Photo credit: 82Gab

Move is intended to provide additional incentive for purchase of electric cars in the city.

Supposed Porteon neighborhood electric vehicle.

Oregon-based company's web site does not show their vehicles.

Hummer H3 low-speed electric replica.

With passage in January 2012 of law enabling NEVs on Nebraska streets, a father and son team are now selling low-speed electric replicas Hummers and Cadillac Escalades.


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