PHOTO CAPTION: Genovation scale model in Glen Martin Wind Tunnel at College Park, Maryland.

Genovation Electric Car Enters Wind Tunnel Stage

Maryland start-up hopes to build cars in two years and sell them for $60,000.

Published: 30-Jan-2012

COLLEGE PARK -- Genovation Cars Inc., a Rockville-based company, wants to do what many in the auto industry have failed to do — build a fully electric, battery-powered vehicle that the public embraces.

On Thursday, company executives were at the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel on the University of Maryland, College Park campus to show off the aerodynamic properties of the G2, as the car is called, and talk up their project. Genovation has won a $135,000 product development grant from the Maryland Industrial Partnerships, a university program.

Genovation CEO Andrew Saul has turned to a small Maryland defense contractor to help fine-tune the shape for efficiency. And, he says, a factory capable of turning out 3,000 handcrafted cars annually could be built in Maryland, perhaps Baltimore. He hopes to begin building the vehicles in two years and sell them for $60,000 each.


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