PHOTO CAPTION: Coda electric car goes on sale Spring of 2012.

Coda Expects Late February 2012 Sales Launch

Coda has a pending application with the Energy Department under the $25 billion Advanced Technology Vehicle Loan program to develop vehicles in the United States.

Published: 27-Jan-2012

Washington —The chief executive of California start-up Coda Automotive said the company expects to begin selling its Coda electric sedan by the end of next month. And he defended the company against criticism that most of the vehicle components are from China.

Coda CEO Phil Murtaugh said, "We're an American company. We're the fastest growing company in Los Angeles — 300 percent headcount growth last year. All of our technology is developed in LA."

In an interview on the sidelines of the Washington Auto Show, Murtaugh said Coda does final assembly in southern California, and the Coda has 20 percent U.S. content.


Coda electric sedan

Company will begin sales in California and expects to sell 10,000-14,000 electric cars in 12 months following introduction.

Great Wall Voleex hatchback targeted for Europe

US firm will provide electric vehicle expertise for Chinese company that globally sells into more than 120 countries.

Coda electric car.

Susan Carpenter reviews the Coda electric car, concluding if cars came in flavors, Coda's debut would be classic vanilla.


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