Chinese Buyers Prefer Electric Cars to Hybrids

5,655 electric vehicles and 2,713 hybrid vehicles were sold in China in 2011.

Published: 27-Jan-2012

Auto markets the world over, are registering an increase in sales of hybrid cars. Comparatively, sales of all electric cars are stagnant. But in China, things are a little different. For the calendar year 2011, Chinese auto industry has registered more EV sales than hybrid cars.

In China, 5,655 electric vehicles and 2,713 hybrid vehicles were sold in 2011. This indicates that the number of EV's sold in China outnumber the hybrid car sales by more than 100%. But compared to the total number of cars sold in China, this figure is minuscule. Chinese auto industry sold a total of 14.5 million cars in 2011.

Government of China is trying very hard to promote hybrid and electric vehicles in the country. Big Chinese cities like Shanghai, Beijing, etc are amongst the worst polluted cities in the world today. In order to increase sales of EV's and hybrids, Chinese government is offering buyers incentives and heavy discounts.


Opel RAK electric runabout concept.

Two and three passenger commuters like those debuted at 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show could be important options for drivers in Chinese cities.

Chevrolet Volt launches at Auto Guangzhou 2011

China also agreed to grant the same tax credits for buying electric vehicles made by foreign-owned companies that it currently only awards to Chinese-manufactured EVs

Foton electric taxis

Beijing municipal government plans to add 100 electric taxis to current fleet of 50.


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