Ireland Uncertain About Hydrogen Future

Inquiries of Irish government agencies reveals little knowledge of or interest in hydrogen transportation future.

Published: 27-Jan-2012

IRELAND IS about to fall dramatically behind our largest trading partner when it comes to the future of driving. With the UK government having just announced a £400 million (€478m) investment plan for hydrogen vehicle technology, the Irish Government barely seems to realise that such things exist.

The British plan, which ties together government departments, car makers, gas and electricity companies and others, is in reaction to the stated plans by several major car manufacturers – Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and General Motors among them – to have hydrogen fuel cell cars on sale by 2015.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology has been around since 1839, when it was first developed by Welsh physicist William Grove. It has been in development for use in cars for more than two decades, but always seems to be one of those promising developments that’s still a few years away from being ready.


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Country has moderate climate and significant urban population around capital city of Dublin.


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