Nissan Hits 10,000 Sales Mark for LEAF Electric Car in USA

Nissan is selling the Leaf globally, and worldwide sales are well over 20,000 units.

Published: 24-Jan-2012

Green is really in style with drivers all around the world right now. Many are moving to green vehicles like full EVs and hybrids to save at the pump and reduce pollution.

When it comes to hybrids, the most popular is the Prius by far. But one of the most popular pure electric vehicles is the new Nissan Leaf.

Sure, Nissan's Leaf has experienced its share of issues since the vehicle launched in limited areas (shorter than expected driving range, for instance), but sales are still quite decent.


From start of production in October 2001, 3000 LEAFs have been built.

Oppama factory production to reach 4,000 units a month, with goal by end of month at 10,000 of the electric cars.

Nissan LEAF parked next to NRG public charging.

Electric car will be charged using Reliant Energy Electric Vehicle (EV) Owner’s plan with e-SenseTM Time-of-Use.

Nissan LEAF being charged from 120V outlet, a process that could take 18-20 hours.

Andrea Sachs puts 400+ miles on electric car in drive around Los Angeles region.


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