How to Be An EVangelist

Plug In America board member Chad Schwitters offers suggestions on how electric car early adapters can help educate people on their benefits.

Published: 23-Jan-2012

It was called a webinar but it seemed more like EV evangelism to us. Electric car advocacy group Plug In America spent an hour this week on the Internet telling 91 true believers how to spread the message of the kilowatt to those who still believed internal combustion was the only way to go.

“People need to be convinced that they will like a plug-in vehicles,” said Plug In America board member Chad Schwitters online. “We early adapters need to convince them.”

Though he never used the evangelism analogy (that was us), the parallels were obvious. There were even (again, our interpretation) Phillistines mentioned. Schwitters said those already driving electric cars and plug-in hybrids would run into a fair number of non-believers and outright critics who would spout claims based on things they'd heard or assumed instead of on facts.


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