PHOTO CAPTION: REV Technologies converted Ford Escapes with AutoGrid bi-directional charging.

REV Perfects Its AutoGrid V2G Technology

Profile of REV Technologies and its work in developing V2G for electric vehicles.

Published: 23-Jan-2012

Hummers and tanks for the U.S. Army are just a stepping stone for local electric car-makers REV Technologies.

Jay Giraud is a friendly man in his 30s with messy brown hair, wearing a shirt of orange and purple plaid. I stare blankly when he tells me he’s not in the business of making cars, for we are in a garage on a stretch of Vancouver’s Clark Drive dotted with muffler and body shops. Plus, several cars are in plain view, some missing engines, one up on a lift. Those are just prototypes, he assures me. In the long run, REV Technologies Inc., the company he founded in 2008, is a software maker in the game of energy management.

When Giraud noticed automakers committing to electric cars and governments investing money into solar energy, he thought he could help both technologies work more efficiently. “What’s missing from all this is an intelligent energy-management network that can communicate with the cars and the grid to figure out how to use both in a balanced way,” he says. “Our system doesn’t see vehicles as cars. It looks at vehicles as battery banks that are sometimes attached [to a grid] and sometimes not.”


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