PHOTO CAPTION: PRT Pod to be used in Masdar City transit system

Indian City to Deploy PRT System

Phase one of system will have 200 pods, five-to-seven stations and approximately

Published: 20-Jan-2012

Imagine a public transportation system that takes you door to door on demand, like a taxi, but is clean and cheap and doesn’t crowd the streets. That’s the promise of Personal Rapid Transit.

In a PRT system, a fleet of small, two- to six-person automated cars, running on a dense network of guideways, provides individual nonstop rides between any two stations.

There has been interest in Personal Rapid Transit since the 1960s and '70s, but it’s been slow in coming. One very sparse PRT system (one line; five stations) was built in Morgantown, West Virginia, in 1975 and is still operational. In more recent years, small PRT systems have been developed for Abu Dhabi’s planned city of Masdar and for London’s Heathrow Airport. But no city has committed to a full-blown urban PRT system yet.


Pininfarina designed personal rapid transit podcar.

Italian design house redesigns Personal Rapid Transit pod car for South Korean company.


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