ALTe Stays the Course on E-Truck Business Plan

As field of competitors grows, ALTe pursues aspirations of being a electric hybrid power train manufacturer.

Published: 17-Jan-2012

At the Detroit auto show, John Thomas, CEO of plug-in hybrid powertrain manufacturer ALTe Powertrain Technologies, said, "We want to be like a Cummins or Borg-Warner, where we want to be a branded powertrain company that partners with the big OEs — we want to supply their alternative powertrain options."

With all the talk at this year's Detroit auto show about alternative and hybrid powertrain options and the future of small- and midsize cars, the message can get lost that most of the fuel-consumption savings in this country won't come from replacing a small family car with a slightly more efficient smaller family car. Those gains will be minuscule.

The truth is the biggest gains will come from segments that do the most work and whose trucks get driven in the least efficient situations in the harshest duty cycles. That means work vehicles.


ALTe plug-in hybrid system installed in variety of truck, bus and shuttle applications.

Beijing-based MESA Industrial Technology will serve the medium duty bus and truck market in China with opportunities to export on multiple vehicle applications worldwide.


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