E-Cycles: The Quiet Electric Vehicle Race

Electric motorcycle racing is where the excitement is as in the EV world, writes Nicholas Zart.

Published: 17-Jan-2012

Names like Zero Motors, Brammo, and Quantya were obscure and unknown to the general motorcycle public a few years ago. While the normal objections are to be expected, especially when it comes to the lively biker community, those who have ventures on the EV paths have been pleasantly surprised.

The Pros & Cons. Internal combustion engine, ICE motorcycles are finely tweaked, much more than gas cars. Motorcyclist purists will tell you nothing beats a finely tuned motorcycle, rightfully so. The performance issue was a big one, but most rarely witness the unbridled torque an electric motor offers, 100% as soon as it spins. Then the KillaCycle showed that EV motorcycles could drag race and wipe much of the competition along the way. Nowadays, EV bikes go well into the 100 mph with a triple digit range. If price is a common issue with EVs, EV motorcycles are also affected. Yet, considering incentives, they’ve become more affordable with little to no maintenance, compared to traditional bikes.

Batteries Are Getting Better. Much to the chagrin of the heavy handed and petroleum backed hydrogen community, battery technology is getting better at a much faster rate. The rule of thumb is density doubles every 4 years. We can easily imagine 400 to 500 miles by 2020, even sooner.


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