Electrified Personal Rover Introduced

$999 Personal Rover is powered by 800 watt electric motor.

Published: 11-Jan-2012

Young lady glides along on Personal Rover EV

NORTH MIAMI, Fla., Jan. 10, 2012 -- It's a scooter...it's a cart…it's a skateboard with handles…No, it's a Personal Rover Electric Transportation Vehicle and it's the newest and coolest way to roll!

Startup Personal Rover, Inc has released a brand new head-turning futuristic transportation device. The Personal Rover is actually pretty intuitive, and works with your body movements to get you to your next location. You just stand on the designated feet areas, hold the ski-pole like handles and pull the finger trigger on the handle to accelerate. The product is so easy to use, to turn shift your weight from side to side to make the machine cut in and out. To brake you simply push the finger trigger in the opposite direction.

With 800 watts of electric motor you're guaranteed a smooth and powerful ride. The Personal Rover also has a low center of gravity—only 5" off the ground, and pneumatic off-road wheels, which lets you bob and weave through whatever obstacle might run in your path, and ensures that you won't fall off while doing so. Because the Personal Rover keeps both feet low to the ground, the ride offers great body control and allows the rider to feel safe when traveling on this device, compared to other popular personal transportation devices.

The Personal Rover works great in crowds. As mentioned before, the device can bob and weave through larger crowds as a bicycle or scooter can. But on lower speeds such as the 2-5 mph setting, going down narrow people-filled roads is not intrusive. Speed is controlled by a finger-trigger, so maintaining your desired speed is easy. Its sleek look, low-profile maneuverability, and silent engine draw a lot of positive attention and ensure that you will be the coolest kid on the block riding the newest gadget. Everyone will be asking to take it for a ride. From in crowds to off-roads, the Personal Rover electric transportation device can get you anywhere you need to go.

Hills, dirt roads and grass are no obstacle for the Personal Rover, as it can roll on almost any surface or terrain that it is placed on. Although beware of sand and rocks, as they may slow down acceleration. The device can travel up to 12 miles with a maximum speed of 15 mph, and the long-lasting battery can be charged in only three to four hours. The Personal Rover is a really cool product and is the perfect accessory for anyone who is tech-savvy and can afford the $999 price tag. Thrill seekers would have particular interest, as the Personal Rover really is a blast to ride. And first 50 buyers can get $200 off sale price.

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