PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan LEAF electric car.

Electric Cars Are Awesome, Here's Why

Charis Michelsen realizes EVs aren't perfect, but they're pretty darn good.

Published: 15-Jan-2012

Most of you reading this are already inclined toward green-type technology, whether that’s clean power generation, electric transportation, or more efficient ways to do things. Today, I’m going to give you one more reason to stop supporting – or at least vocally dislike – big gas and big oil.

Yes, We’ve All Heard About This

There are a number of people who will happily speak at length about dependence on foreign oil and how it leads to American troops being sent over to oil-rich hotspots to make sure we can still get affordable gas at the pump. There was a pun a while back about how Operation: Iraqi Freedom should have been called Operation: Iraqi Liberation (or O.I.L.), for example. I’m not really one of those people, but I listen when they talk.


Cisco Home Energy Controller

Homeowners will be able to control ECOtality Blink Level 2 chargers from Cisco's touchscreen controller.

1911 Woods Electric Dual Power Hybrid could coast along at 15 mph on its batteries and up to 35 mph on its IC engine.

Former deputy assistant to George Bush comes out in support of electric vehicles with a brief review of their early history.

Charging Chevrolet Volt.

Westinghouse nuclear program project manager Ulrich Decher, PhD gives his take on the impact of electric cars.


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