PHOTO CAPTION: Sim-Drives Sim-Lei electric car with range to 190 miles

Sim-Lei EV to Hit Streets in 2013

Developed by team of 34 companies, the all-electric car has range of 190 miles (305 km) per charge.

Published: 11-Jan-2012

Exciting news for electric vehicle enthusiasts: Japanese company SIM-Drive is set to bring its new Sim-Lei EV to the streets by 2013. And when it does, this futuristic-looking vehicle is set to offer nearly triple the driving range of the popular Nissan Leaf.

The unusual Sim-Lei EV is the product of extensive research by a team of 34 companies and research organizations. The car is shockingly funky by design, relying on aerodynamics to minimize drag and optimize its range.

Consumers are notoriously wary about electric vehicle range, but that's where the Sim-Lei really shines — it can go an estimated 190 miles on a full charge. This compares to a mere 35 (all-electric) miles for the Chevy Volt, and an EPA-estimated 73 miles for the Nissan Leaf.



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