PHOTO CAPTION: Kia Naimo electric concept car.

Kia Skips Detroit for Las Vegas Show

Kia choses the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to debut two electric car concepts.

Published: 10-Jan-2012

Instead, Kia has chosen the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for its debut of the Ray production Electric Vehicle (EV) and Naimo EV concept car for the first time in North America.

Both vehicles feature advanced lithium polymer battery packs, and the Naimo introduces an all-new and groundbreaking User Centered Driving (UCD) telematics concept which previews future possibilities in safety, media and entertainment in-vehicle technologies. The lithium polymer battery packs are currently in use in Kia and Hyundai's hybrid vehicles on sale in North America.

Many might have expected Hyundai, the parent company of Kia, to come out with an electric vehicle but its green bona fides are heading in a different direction. Green Car Reports says Kia is going to have the electric vehicles while Hyundai focuses on plug-in hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles.


Kia Ray Concept Car

Company states the car will have an electric-first range of 80km (50mi).

Kia Naimo Concept electric car

A twin-pack LiPoly 27 kWh battery provides driving range of 200km (124 mi).

2011 Kia K5 Hybrid

Hyundai and Kia's lithium-polmer batteries have 63 percent higher power density and is 25 percent lighter than conventional hybrid batteries.


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