PHOTO CAPTION: Honda Jazz Hybrid available in Britain.

ExxonMobil Sees Hybrid Sales Surge In Coming Decades

Oil giants annual energy report sees half of all cars on the road by 2040 will be low emission.

Published: 09-Jan-2012

Eco-warriors will be delighted with the news that hybrid cars are soon to undergo a surge in popularity, according to a new study from oil company Exxon Mobil.

The company released its annual energy report recently, which revealed that by 2040, low emission cars will make up half of all vehicles on the roads.

The news is likely to be particularly welcomed by environmental groups, many of whom have repeatedly expressed worries over the impact of the environment our over reliance on oil and petrol has. The idea that many car owners will switch to a hybrid, coupled with the increasingly advanced science behind fuel alternatives, means that it is expected that developed countries will be able to stabilise their energy demand over the coming 30 years, with countries such as the US expected to undergo no significant rises in oil consumption.


Honda Civic concept introduced at 2011 NAIAS.

Will switching from nickel batteries to lithium make the Civic Hybrid competitive with the Prius, article asks.

Honda Accord plug-in hybrid demonstrator.

New system set to debut in 2012 will incorporate two electric motors and lithium-ion batteries.

Honda Fit EV

Company aiming to launch production in China in 2012.


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