Finnish Taxi Operator Goes Electric

Seppo Rosvall is finding the Nissan LEAF can operate 100 km on 1.5 Euros of electricity.

Published: 04-Jan-2012

electric Nissan Leaf accelerates briskly up the steep gradient when taxi entrepreneur Seppo Rosvall drives it out of the underground parking lot of the Stockmann department store in central Helsinki.

Rosvall acquired his electric taxi from Holland in October.

The car came with a price tag of EUR 31,500. As a taxi entrepreneur he was exempt from the car tax and the VAT payable on the purchase.

Now Rosvall’s Nissan Leaf operates as a taxi in Helsinki. The Leaf is a five-seater, five-door hatchback, 25 centimetres longer than a Volkswagen Golf.


Nissan Leaf electric car.

25,000 of the electric cars set for 2011 production will be shared with U.S.,Europe and Japan markets.

From start of production in October 2001, 3000 LEAFs have been built.

Oppama factory production to reach 4,000 units a month, with goal by end of month at 10,000 of the electric cars.

Nissan LEAF parked next to NRG public charging.

Electric car will be charged using Reliant Energy Electric Vehicle (EV) Owner’s plan with e-SenseTM Time-of-Use.


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