New Austin E-Bike Store Believes Life is Better With a Little Assist

First 100 percent electric bicycle store opens quietly before Christmas.

Published: 03-Jan-2012

This Average Austin Cyclist has been off the bicycle for a little while, though I never stopped riding. I’ve been on my bike for many years, and many more miles. I know what a bicycle is. What I’ve been riding is not a bicycle.

It is something new.

An example: my girlfriend and I, avid bike riders, were pedaling easily up a fairly steep hill we normally sweat over. We were unconcerned about the fair amount of traffic, or the lack of bike lanes on this climb, even though these concerns usually interrupt our rides. Tonight, we were laughing and joking our way to the pinnacle, barely noticing the effort.


Daymak 'Shadow Ebike' developed in Canada

The Shadow Ebike is the first wireless electrical bike featuring wireless brakes, wireless throttle, and a wireless pedal assist system

Stealth Electric Bike

The Bomber and The Fighter models have top speed of 50/31 mph and range on single charge of up to 50/37 miles respectively.

Tonaro Bighit electric bicycle.

Tonaro offers to models, both powered by patented central electric drive motor.


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