An Aussie's Life with An Electric Car

Mark Irving shares his daily experiences driving a converted electric car.

Published: 03-Jan-2012

I'm setting off along West Coast Highway and all I can hear is the tyre roll and the hum of the air-conditioner. Except when I put my foot down and the response is a tiny whine, like a jet aircraft from a distance ... or a dentist's drill up close.

But the result is remarkable - similar to the kick you get when you floor the pedal in a turbo-diesel BMW.

And probably a bit like the Tesla Roadster - the all-electric sports car that does zero to 100km/h in less than four seconds.


EV Cup iRacer debuted in January 2010.

Series of electrically powered car races are scheduled for the UK and further afield.

Cisco Home Energy Controller

Homeowners will be able to control ECOtality Blink Level 2 chargers from Cisco's touchscreen controller.

1911 Woods Electric Dual Power Hybrid could coast along at 15 mph on its batteries and up to 35 mph on its IC engine.

Former deputy assistant to George Bush comes out in support of electric vehicles with a brief review of their early history.


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