Ballard Edges Closer to Profitability in 2012

As of Q3 2011, Ballard was on track to breakeven earnings before EBITDA in fiscal year 2012

Published: 29-Dec-2011

Pure play fuel cell companies have had a hard time since early 2000, when it was widely believed fuel cell technologies were inevitably going to rendera the combustion engine useless and solve global warming problems. These companies include Ballard Power (BLDP), Fuel Cell Energy (FCEL), Hydrogenics (HYGS), and Plug Power (PLUG). Today most of these companies have little of their former share value remaining.

United Technologies (UTX) is more diversified company and has been a safer way to profit from a move to fuel cells.

If you are willing to take on additional risk in a pure play fuel cell company, it is important to look at cash, debt, and timeframe to profitability. Ballard Power is worth a look if your investment portfolio includes speculation.


EADS developed this electrically-powered micro airplane.

Goal is energy storage system that can be used to power automobiles and aircraft.

Pedego electric bikes will have fuel cell range extender.

Fuel cartridge releases hydrogen gas when sodium silicide powder is mixed with water.

Fuel cell-powered London Black Cab passes Parliament Building.

The fuel cell and battery powered hybrid taxi provides a 250 mile driving range with rapid refuelling.


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