Orlando Volt Owner Charges Car, Home, Neighbors with Solar Power

Bob Stonerock uses money made selling excess power to local utility to make downpayment on his Chevy Volt.

Published: 29-Dec-2011

Bob Stonerock has hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of solar-panel equipment, which generates far more electricity than his home needs.

He has earned $5,600 during the past two years by selling the surplus power to Orlando Utilities Commission.

The south Orlando man used that OUC cash as the down payment recently on a $46,000 electric car — a Chevrolet Volt — that can be charged with household current or an onboard, gas-powered generator. But he figures that, with his extensive array of solar panels providing more than enough fuel for the deep-red automobile, the sun is his gas station and power company, and its rays are free.


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