PHOTO CAPTION: Blink DC fast charger at Cracker Barrel store in Tennessee.

Family Drives Electric From Knoxville-to-Nashville

Despite Blink charger on the blink, Stephen Smith and his family make the 180 mile drive across Tennessee in their Nissan LEAF.

Published: 28-Dec-2011

The Blink fast-charge station for electric cars was on the blink.

Efforts to use the two available plugs yielded nothing for Stephen Smith when he and his family arrived in Lebanon in their Nissan Leaf while traveling Monday from Knoxville to Nashville.

But all was not lost as the Smiths closed in on their destination — a brother’s house only 22 miles farther in Antioch


Instrument panel of Japanese version of Nissan LEAF electric car.

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Nissan LEAF electric car.

Sue Callaway shares her experiences with Nissan's electric car.

Nissan Leaf electric car.

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