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Electric Car Push in China Comes From Electric Utilities

Keith Bradsher offers insights into role of regional utilities, working in concert with Better Place, on overcoming hurdles to electric car introduction.

Published: 27-Dec-2011

GUANGZHOU, China — Three years ago, as part of its green-energy policy, the Chinese government set an ambitious goal: by the end of 2011, the nation would be able to produce at least 500,000 hybrid or all-electric cars and buses a year.

With only about a week to go, it is clear China will fall far short of that target. Despite dozens of electric-vehicle demonstration projects around the country, analysts put China’s actual annual production capacity at only several thousand hybrid and all-electric cars and buses.

“It’s pretty trivial at this stage — they hardly sell any,” said Lin Huaibin, the manager of China vehicle sales forecasts at IHS Automotive, a global consulting firm.


Opel RAK electric runabout concept.

Two and three passenger commuters like those debuted at 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show could be important options for drivers in Chinese cities.

Chevrolet Volt launches at Auto Guangzhou 2011

China also agreed to grant the same tax credits for buying electric vehicles made by foreign-owned companies that it currently only awards to Chinese-manufactured EVs

Foton electric taxis

Beijing municipal government plans to add 100 electric taxis to current fleet of 50.


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