Federal Energy Efficiency Credits Expire End of 2011

$7,500 federal tax credit will still be available.

Published: 27-Dec-2011

Before the New Year begins, it may behoove you to make some energy-saving home improvements before some of the tax credits for doing so expire December 31, 2012. Forbes has put together a list of energy efficiency upgrades you can make and other tax breaks to take advantage of over the next week. The Alliance to Save Energy's consumer tax guide details which improvements count.

1. Home Improvements: A 10 percent tax credit is available for many energy-efficiency upgrades, including insulation, new windows, air conditioning and heating equipment, etc... Review the Alliance to Save Energy's consumer tax guide to see which upgrades are green enough to count.

2. Electric Cars: The $7,500 federal tax credit is still available for buying an electric plug-in vehicle like the GM Chevy Volt, Nissan's Leaf or Ford's Focus Electric.


Every Roadster and now Models S Tesla sells earns it credits it can sell to other car company, include Honda who is reported to have paid $13 million so far.

Carmakers who don't build enough Zero Emission Vehicles to meet California quotas can buy credits from those who do.


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