Fuel Cell Developer Dais-Analytic Selected By Red Herring To Represent 'Top Ten Trend'

Dias-Analytic to participate in Red Herring magazine Top Ten Technology Trends at NDA 2000.

Published: 31-Oct-2000

CARLSBAD, Calif., Oct. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Fuel cell developer Dais- Analytic Corp. of Odessa, Fla., was selected to represent one of Red Herring magazine's top 10 technology trends at NDA 2000, Red Herring's premier business strategy conference.

Each year, Red Herring identifies its "Top Ten Trends" for the coming year that the magazine believes represent either substantial new markets that are beginning to attract significant investment, or are disrupting conventional technology or business models. As one of its trends the magazine predicted that fuel cells would begin to be used in homes and small businesses, starting a move toward decentralization of electric power generation. Dais-Analytic was selected by Red Herring as the private company that best represents this trend.

"We are extremely pleased by Red Herring's selection of Dais-Analytic as one of its 'Top Ten Trends' companies," said Timothy Tangredi, Dais-Analytic CEO. "This is further evidence that fuel cells are nearing widespread commercialization and that Dais-Analytic will be one of the leaders."

Fuel cells have held promise to efficiently generate electricity quietly and with fewer pollutants than other generating technologies. Used by NASA for many years to provide electric power on space missions, recent advances by Dais-Analytic and others have reduced the cost of these devices, leading many to predict that commercial use of fuel cells is imminent.

According to Red Herring, NDA 2000 is a two-day, invitation-only forum held in Carlsbad, Calif., Oct. 30-31. Its attendees and participants, business builders at the CEO and senior management levels, were selected for their innovation, vision and status as next-generation business leaders. They represent the technology industry and fields strongly affected by technology, such as retail, finance, media and entertainment.

In addition to the "Top 10 Trends," the conference presented privately held companies that best represented the trends, as well keynotes by U.S. Navy Secretary Richard Danzig, Compaq Computer Chairman and CEO Michael Capellas, Hewlett-Packard President Ann Livermore and a series of panel discussions, roundtable debates and other interactive forums.

About Dais-Analytic

Dais-Analytic, created last year from the merger of Dais Corp. of Odessa, Fla., and Analytic Power Corp. of Woburn, Mass., is a privately held developer of distributed generation fuel cell systems for homes and small businesses as well as portable fuel cells for backup and standby generators, uninterruptible power supplies, and hybrid fuel cell/battery electric utility vehicles. Its patented technologies include low cost fuel cell membranes that are also being developed for dehumidification applications. Dais-Analytic's strategic partners include Enron North America, EPRISolutions and Hamburg Gas Consult.

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