Emission Regulations Drive Development and Release of New IMPCO Fuel Systems

California's Air Resources Board will require 25% of all industrial equipment sold in the state in 2001 to have reduced emissions, eventually rising to 100% in subsequent years.

Published: 15-Dec-2000

CERRITOS, Calif., Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- IMPCO Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: IMCO) announced today that it plans to release an all-new series of advanced, next-generation fuel systems for industrial applications such as forklifts and power generation units. These new systems, which feature a comprehensive array of technical levels, will be marketed under the Spectrum brand name. The global market for industrial equipment using internal combustion engines is estimated to be over a quarter million units per year.

Mr. Dennis Hartman, Vice President and General Manager of the Gaseous Fuel Products Division said, "The California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are expanding exhaust emission regulation coverage to include off road industrial equipment starting in the year 2001. Much like automobiles, this equipment must meet a reduced level of tailpipe emissions, which becomes more stringent over the next several years. IMPCO has been on the forefront of advanced, low-emission fuel technology for over 42 years. IMPCO has taken technology to a new, higher level to develop these systems, which are tied together through new electronic fuel and engine management controls. These Spectrum systems offer the market a cost effective means of meeting or exceeding CARB/EPA requirements."

The California enactment is the nation's first regulation to reduce emissions from industrial equipment and plans a nearly 70% reduction from phase-in through 2010. In 2004 the initiative becomes national with regulation through the EPA. The 2001 roll out calls for 25% of industrial products sold to meet the requirement, followed by 50%, 75% and then 100% each year after. The regulation applies to industrial equipment using internal combustion engines under 175 horsepower. An example, forklifts, portable welders, wood chippers, airport equipment, sweepers, portable generators, personnel lifts and some agricultural and construction equipment. Over 5,000 pieces of equipment entering California in 2001 will be affected. By 2004 when the regulation goes national, nearly 100,000 pieces of industrial equipment annually will be required to have emission controls.

"California's Air Resources Board and the EPA should be congratulated for their efforts in reducing air pollution and looking beyond the automobile as the main culprit. IMPCO's focus since 1958 has been fuel systems for clean-burning alternate fuels such as propane and natural gas. The environmental benefits for California and the nation are tremendous," added Mr. Hartman.

The Spectrum series of next generation fuel systems is available through the company's Industrial Engine Systems division located in Sterling Heights Michigan. Market introduction is planned for January 2001 and includes three micro-processor based configurations: a solenoid assist carburetion system; a central fuel injection system; and a port injection system. The company has worked closely with global industrial OEMs to develop and release the new series of fuel systems. For more information contact Dwight Whiting at 206-575-1594 or dwhiting@impcotechnologies.com

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