Hydrogenics Fuel Cells to Power New York Harbor Tour Boat

600-passenger Hornblower Hybrid will incorporate twin fuel cells along Tier 2 diesel motors and solar panels.

Published: 31-Mar-2011

Pioneer in the production of fuel cell and hydrogen generation products, Hydrogenics has secured a deal from Hornblower Cruises & Events’ subsidiary Statue Cruises to supply two HyPM HD 16 fuel cell power modules that deliver uninterrupted power supply of up to 33 kW.

Hornblower’s 600-passenger Hornblower Hybrid power modules will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells in a complex hybrid setup along with a tier 2 diesel engine, solar panels and wind turbines for additional power requirements. Fuel cells completely eliminate carbon emissions and generate minimum noise when compared to diesel power and thus are suitable for high profile marine uses.

The President and Chief Executive Officer at Hydrogenics, Daryl Wilson said that the company is happy about the new fuel cell supply deal. The fuel cells will facilitate customers to install them quickly in various demanding conditions. Along with the delivery of fuel cell power modules, the company will also endorse the US Coast Guard certification process of Hornblower by using its expertise with prominent certification organizations across the globe, he added.

The Chief Executive Officer of Hornblower Cruises & Events and Statue Cruises, Terry MacRae, stated that the Hornblower Hybrid sustainable technology could be expanded for other hybrid tugs, hybrid yachts and hybrid ferries.

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