Former Premier Criticizes Province Over Peak Oil Inaction

Schreyer is the founder of a national think tank on peak oil, called the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas

Published: 30-Mar-2011

The Right Honorable Edward Schreyer is member of EV World's editorial board, as well as a long time subscriber.

Former Manitoba NDP Premier Ed Schreyer is stepping back into the spotlight and warning about the threat of peak oil, and also to criticize Manitoba's government on the belief it's not doing enough to prepare for a coming energy crisis.

"When we do wake up and acknowledge the fact [about the existence of so-called peak oil], it may well be too late. That's the real fear," Schreyer, who is also a former Governor General of Canada, told CBC News.


Honda Civis Type S GT available in UK produces 152g CO2/km.

Besides increasing fuel efficiency targets to 35.5, the EPA will set CO2 tailpipe emissions at 250g/mile (155g/km).

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers

Crowne Plaza hotel will provide guests with free meal if they generate 10 watt hours of electricity using electric bicycles.

US Navy F-18 'Green Hornet' flies on 50/50 blend of biojet fuel.

Biofuel based on 50/50 blend of camelina and conventional jet fuel.


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