PHOTO CAPTION: London Mayor Boris Johnson with Citroen C-Zero.

Citroen C-Zero Arrives in London

Research shows average daily commute in London is 23 miles.

Published: 28-Mar-2011

As London tries to position itself as the electric car capital of the world, the acclaimed Citroen C-ZERO has been introduced to the city’s Mayor, Boris Johnson.

The C-ZERO has a maximum range of 93 miles and is already capable of cutting through London’s traffic. Indeed research from Citroen shows that average daily journeys in urban areas are 23 miles, with the car at rest for 92 per cent of the day – more than enough to provide plenty of recharging opportunities.

Boris Johnson believes that the C-ZERO will have a great chance of success in London.


Citroen C-Zero electric car is rebadged Mitsubishi iMiEV.

Renault projecting 5% of car market will be hybrid, plug-in or battery electric cars.

Citroen E-3POD concept designed by RCA student Heikki Juvonen.

E-3POD has a simplified, lightweight construction with an emphasis on aerodynamics to minimize the required battery size.

Berlingo van claims 1000km run from Flensburg to Munich.

Converted Citroen Berlingo equipped with 180kWh lithium battery pack identical to those found in SmartForTwo.


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