PHOTO CAPTION: SIM-Drive Eliica prototype electric car

SIM-Drive Partners with PSA, Bosch on Second Eliica Prototype

The new prototype will be based on SIM-Drive technology for in-wheel motors

Published: 27-Jan-2011

TOKYO -- SIM-Drive Corp., Keio University's electric vehicle start-up, said Wednesday that 34 companies will newly come on board to develop a second prototype EV.

Among the firms are top French carmaker PSA Peugeot Citroen Group and German autoparts giant Bosch Corp., as well as Toray Industries Inc. (3402), Kuraray Co. (3405) and Toppan Printing Co. (7911).

The new prototype will be based on SIM-Drive technology for in-wheel motors. It is slated for completion in a year, with mass production kicking off in 2014.

SIM-Drive was established in August 2009. The start-up collaborated with a total of 34 companies and local governments in January 2010, including Mitsubishi Motors Corp. (7211) and Isuzu Motors Ltd. (7202), to begin developing its first prototype EV.


SIM-drive prototype sedan achieves range of 333 km.

SIM-Drive's prototype was built with the cooperation of 34 groups and companies, led by Professor Hiroshi Shimizu.

SIM-Drive prototype electric car said to have range of 200 miles

Electric car is joint project of 34 Japanese organizations.

Sim-Drives Sim-Lei electric car with range to 190 miles

Developed by team of 34 companies, the all-electric car has range of 190 miles (305 km) per charge.


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