PHOTO CAPTION: Bill Ford introduces new Focus Electric at NAIAS 2011

Ford Sustainability Plan Sees Ramp Up of Electric Vehicles Decade Away

Volume expansion of hybrid technologies to occur over 2020-2030 time frame.

Published: 26-Jan-2011

Ford calls its sustainability report for the 2009/10 period the “future at work,” and for a relatively short 8-page document, it outlines a remarkably broad and, OK let’s say it, visionary strategy for the future of the company and alternative energy vehicle production.

The company says it is “steadfastly focused on creating a strong business that builds great products that contribute to a better world.” Ford says it has an ability to weather difficult economic times is because its “business and sustainability strategies are aligned and intertwined.”

While Ford’s much-ballyhooed “ONE Ford” plan, which began in 2007, is mostly about aggressive restructuring and accelerated product development, sustainability is a key part of the mix, especially the accelerated product development part.


Ford Focus electric car prototype.

Mondragon said by 2020, internal combustion engines will represent about 75 per cent of global demand, while hybrids, 20-25 percent.

Ford Transit Connect Electric van co-developed with Azure Dynamicss.

Transit Connect Electric will go on sale first in North America and then Europe in 2011.

Ford Transit Connect Electric

Southern California Edison will take delivery of first vehicle in late 2010, 19 others in 2011.


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