EDTA Applauds President Obama's Support for Electric Vehicles in State of Union Address

Official statement by Electric Drive Transportation Association President Brian Wynne

Published: 26-Jan-2011

Washington, D.C. -- During his annual State of the Union Address last night, President Obama called for a commitment to innovation that can help the nation achieve greater energy security, economic growth and environmental benefits. Below is a statement from Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) President Brian Wynne:

“EDTA commends the President for his recognition of the value of advancing energy technologies that reduce our dependence on imported oil, increase U.S. economic competitiveness and improve the environment. With the nation at an energy policy crossroads, electric drive technologies – from hybrid, battery, plug-in and fuel cell vehicles – are creating U.S. jobs while building a cleaner, more efficient vehicle fleet.

“EDTA’s new 2011 policy plan, Driving Forward: An Action Plan for the Electric Drive Era, identifies how we can achieve these important economic and environmental benefits. The plan outlines the critical next-step policies to speed vehicle adoption, increase infrastructure deployment and advance technology breakthroughs, leading to the acceleration of the opening of the electric drive era and ensuring U.S. leadership in the effort.



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